What does a well set up business look like?

Remember, the role of a Refresh franchise owner is to build up and run a renovation business – not be a builder or project manager. Initially you will most likely carry out the sales role yourself and subcontract or hire the construction manager part time. Sometime during the first year you will hire a full-time construction manager, as the business grows.

It’s critical to build a good team, starting with your construction manager, but also subcontractors and other professionals, such as designers and quantity surveyors.

The diagram below illustrates the organisational structure of a typical, mature Refresh franchise business:

What help will I get to recruit skilled staff?

As a leading company in the building industry we have excellent relationships and networks that have access to all the best trades.

Our building merchant suppliers know all the best tradesmen and have excellent networks to enable you to find every trade imaginable.

In addition, Refresh provides trade marketing resources to increase your profile within the local trade community and build up your trade database.

As a Refresh franchise owner your Refresh website portal will list all current career opportunities within your business. We can offer advice on recruiting staff and developing job descriptions, interview questions etc.