Why We Franchised

Since launching in New Zealand, Refresh has established franchise businesses throughout Australia, as well as recently entering the UK and North American markets.

There are several factors that make the renovation sector ideally suited to the franchise business model. Most important of all is the ability to be agile and react quickly to change while still being able to draw on a larger entity for overcoming compliance and statutory requirements. This is a vital component for driving efficiencies and value.

In the renovation sector, where clients frequently opt to change or enhance initial concepts, adjustment and adaptation are par for the course. But where a large corporate company might find it difficult to react to changes in a timeframe that’s acceptable to customers, a franchised operation provides the perfect blend of scale and agility to best meet these unique market challenges.

As a Refresh business owner, you can enjoy the benefits that come from being able to leverage the size and scale of a large organisation, while also being part of a community of like minded individuals, with the ability to tap into a significant collective knowledge base.

Proven Business System

By joining Refresh, you are investing in an established business that has a track record of success. Refresh has fine-tuned its procedures and business methodology – the foundations are already in place for new franchise owners to build a scalable business.

IT platforms

Every Refresh franchise is based on the same consumer offer, marketing programmes and proven business processes. This means we have been able to develop our own unique IT platform called Refresh CONTROL, to help you grow and manage your business.

From the moment a new customer appears in your pipeline, you can see every stage of their project, delegate activities to your team and track revenue.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never run a business before, because Refresh CONTROL makes the admin and accounting side of business quick and easy.

Marketing and Branding

In a world where brand is everything it’s hugely beneficial to trade under a name that already has traction in the marketplace. Refresh is a world-leading brand which has won multiple awards. Additionally, Refresh boasts a large team of marketing and branding specialists who provide franchise owners with ongoing business support.

Training and Support

Refresh provides franchise owners with comprehensive training and support. You don’t need to be an expert in home renovations. Instead, you need to be skilled in providing excellent customer service. Through its initial and ongoing training programme, Refresh provides all the relevant knowledge to run your business.


For many franchisees, owning their own business is an escape from the routine of salaried employment, offering them the chance to benefit directly from their hard work and perseverance and become architects of their own fortune. The business systems, marketing, IT and training provided by Refresh have won many international awards and make owning your own successful business a rewarding experience.