The Demand

The renovation sector is huge, but it’s failing to deliver a satisfactory experience to homeowners. Disorganisation too often means wasted money and a negative experience. Poor communications, design decisions and project management typically waste up to 30% of the budget on a renovation project.

Typically, a homeowner begins a project by working with an architect, spending hours briefing them in detail. The architect has no way of estimating costs so at the end of the planning stage the homeowner has no idea how much it will cost to build to the plans.

Once the plans are finished they are tendered out to builders who have had little or no briefing and make countless assumptions in order to cost the build. The communication is further diluted as the plans are subdivided among the numerous trades involved in the build.
In this scenario a homeowner will eventually get their renovation completed, but it will most likely be well over budget and take considerably longer than originally estimated.

Refresh has researched the problems a consumer experiences in depth and created processes that addresses them. Our processes are supported by IT systems that improve the quality and efficiency of the service delivery. The result is a refreshingly different renovation experience.