Our sector

A 2014 study carried out by Harvard University found that more than a third of all construction worldwide involves renovations.

That’s certainly true in the UK, where the construction industry is comprised of three main sectors:

  1. New home building
  2. Commercial construction
  3. Residential renovations

While the new home and commercial sectors have long been dominated by large, business-oriented brands, the renovation market is incredibly fragmented and made up of thousands of trade-based builders. No large player has broken the “trade-based” business model – until now.

Refresh has engineered its business model, systems and processes to create a business platform that delivers a significant long-term competitive advantage. We have filled the gap in the market – providing a renovation process that delivers significantly better customer and business outcomes.


Enormous Potential

Huge Opportunity

People in the UK spend over £26 billion each year on renovations. Refresh Renovations is offering an opportunity for you to gain a foothold in this huge market. Remember, our business model is sales and marketing oriented, so we’re looking for business-oriented franchisees. You don’t need to be a builder or tradesperson to join Refresh – tradespeople are hired to deliver the work.