Our Franchisees

What makes a successful Refresh franchisee? If you’re considering becoming a Refresh Renovation franchisee, you’ll want to know exactly what Refresh can offer you and how you will be supported in operating a successful business. Similarly, we want to ensure that Refresh franchise owners have what it takes to succeed and will add value to our brand. It’s important that the ‘fit’ is right for both of us.

If you have a track record of being an effective manager, it is highly likely that you can become a successful Refresh franchise owner.

Strong Business Focus

First things first: you don’t need to be a builder to join Refresh. You need business skills, not trade skills. That’s because owning a Refresh franchise is about running a business, not being a builder. Each Refresh franchise employs and subcontracts the trades required. Our structured process utilises building specialists with the skills required at various stages of a project. You will be supported with a world class business system to help you manage your business.

Nevertheless, a Refresh franchise owner needs to know how to run and grow a business. You probably have a proven track record in business management and leadership – whether that’s in a small business or large enterprise – and relish the challenge of developing a new business from the ground up.

Sales, marketing and people management experience is also essential. Refresh franchisees should have a strong understanding of best business practice and how to get the most out of their people, while at the same time understanding how to promote their business to get the best out of Refresh.

Time-management, multitasking, familiarity with technology and excellent communication skills are also characteristics of a successful Refresh renovation specialist. As a Refresh franchisee, you’ll be juggling lots of projects at the same time, so it’s essential that you know how to manage your workload efficiently.

Ambition to Grow

It’s important that our franchise owners have the ambition to grow their business. While Refresh has a base target of annual turnover, that’s just a starting point.

Unlike a sole-trading builder, the Refresh model allows franchise owners to scale up their teams to work on multiple projects at once. This makes it easier to grow bigger, faster. Our business model also removes the risks typically faced by a start-up, as well as many of the usual barriers to growth.

This ability to scale-up means the Refresh model is very different from the sole builder/business operator model. Refresh owners typically have a bigger vision and aspire to achieve considerable personal and business success.

The Level of Commitment Required

Owning a Refresh Renovation franchise is a long-term commitment. The expectation is that Refresh business owners will build up their business for the long-term.

Refresh franchise owners should be looking to both generate an income and build an asset for the future. Succession planning is a key part of the model. The more successful your business is, the greater return you’ll receive when you choose to exit or retire.

Similarly, as with any business, it requires a commitment of capital at the outset and the willingness to fund future expansion.

Networked Individuals

As a Refresh franchise owner you’re in business for yourself – not by yourself. You’ll be part of a network of successful and high-achieving franchise owners, backed by a national brand and support team who are all helping to grow your business. You’ll need to be willing to share your expertise.

So, are you the right fit?

As mentioned above, it’s important that the fit is right for both of us. That’s why we follow a structured franchisee recruitment process before inviting new franchise owners to come on board. This includes scheduled sessions where we talk through our mutual expectations and explain in more detail the skills and attributes needed to run a successful franchise.