Who Are Our Customers?

Our potential customer is anyone considering undertaking a home renovation. From first-time buyers to multiple homeowners, there’s no typical Refresh customer. If someone is thinking about renovating but doesn’t want the hassle or added cost of project managing the build singlehandedly, Refresh offers a solution.

Why Do Customers Choose Us?

There are many reasons customers choose Refresh for their renovation project. Most often, these boil down to the huge benefits of our “one-stop-shop” service whereby we manage the end-to-end process with our team of suppliers, tradespeople and professionals to deliver the renovation.

Refresh is a substantially larger business than a typical one-man band builder and as a consequence has substantially greater business efficiency. This is a real cost saving that Refresh can pass on to its customers.

Many of our customers have extremely busy lives and are attracted to our simple process and commitment to organisation. They choose Refresh in the knowledge that the renovation will be on time, within budget and hassle-free.