Our Competition

Refresh Renovations is the only international business in this sector in the UK, which puts us in an enviable position when competing for new business.

Our competitors are small builders, who have a well-established reputation for being disorganised and providing a poor experience for the homeowner. In fact, they are the reason we exist.

From first contact with our branding and website, anyone who is considering a renovation can clearly see that Refresh is providing an attractive alternative to one-man band builders.

As people explore further, the Refresh process, backed up with  state of the art systems provides customers with reassurance and confidence that Refresh will provide a superior renovation experience.

Why Do Customers Choose Refresh Over Other Builders?

While most builders undertake renovations as a side-line, we’re specialists in home renovations. We bring together a tight-knit team of designers, builders and tradespeople who can design and build a dream renovation.

Even the simplest home renovation means managing data, costs, people and timetables, but with Refresh this project management is part-and-parcel of our service. We’re here to ensure renovations are completed on time, on budget, and to the highest standard.

We’re also using technology to deliver a better product and service for our customers. Other builders don’t have the infrastructure or systems that we’ve spent many years developing and they therefore consistently deliver a poor experience that disappoints customers. Control over quality and cost is one of the key benefits of choosing Refresh.

Why do trades prefer working with Refresh over other builders, or even directly with homeowners?

Working for Refresh is much easier for a tradesperson than working directly for a homeowner. Refresh has a professional renovation project management system that uses the latest IT systems to keep the projects moving smoothly.

Trades are provided with proper briefings, site safety is organised, cash flow is monitored and managed, payments are reliable, contracts are clear, and Refresh manages communication with the homeowner on their behalf. This means tradespeople are not burdened with administration – instead they’re able to concentrate on using their specific trade skills.

The consequence of this is that we’re able to build up a solid network of tradespeople that we have strong relationships with. Our relationships in the building industry are important, and a strong relationships mean that when things go wrong, tradespeople are happy to put things right and get the project back on track.

The cost and hassle for a tradesperson is far lower than working directly with a homeowner. Through the Refresh process, plans and measurements have already been produced and tradespeople will be sent an email with all the information they need to calculate costs. This includes a plan with measurements, specifications of the materials and standard of finish required, as well as a ‘scope of works’ which gives clear direction about what to leave in and what to leave out of the quote.