Ongoing Costs

What do I continue to pay to the franchisor?

The table below outlines fees payable to Refresh by franchise owners, including a 6% monthly Management Service Fee (MSF), which is calculated from revenue generated.

Monthly IT

£150 – £350

Monthly business review fee


Monthly franchisor Management Service Fee (MSF) (calculated from revenue generated)


Monthly national marketing contribution (calculated from revenue generated)


Monthly local marketing (£750 or 2% of Gross Revenue)

£750 min.

Startup costs and working capital varies depending on franchise circumstances, including any requirement for salaries, car expenses, insurance, phones, etc. (not paid to franchisor)

Variable according to circumstances

Variable annual operating costs in scaling up the business may include hiring sales and/or project management staff, leasing office premises and local advertising etc

Open to individual franchisee discretion