What is the franchise fee?

The initial franchise purchase price (area dependent) is £50,000

For that investment you’ll gain access to powerful platforms and resources to grow and run your Refresh franchise business, including:

  • A license to operate a Refresh franchise
  • National brand building and marketing programmes
  • A scalable business model
  • Planning and budgeting systems
  • Coaching and benchmarking
  • Local marketing support to grow your business
  • HR support, training, contracts, roles and recruitment support
  • Project management systems
  • Financial management systems
  • Business reporting systems and data

What minimum cash requirements do I need?

Depending on personal circumstances, and excluding the initial franchise fee, you will need to allow for working capital of at least £25k to cover the establishment period of approximately six months as you get your Refresh franchise business up and running.

What lending help do you provide?

We enjoy relationships with specialist financing firms and high street banks alike who may provide up to 50-70% of the total investment required. We can offer further advice on this when we know more about your situation.

Will I need an office?

There is no immediate requirement to have dedicated office space, and you can absolutely start the business working from home. Working from home, at least initially, will reduce your setup costs, as there will be no requirement for leases or refurbishment of office space.