How We Do It

Refresh is a complete design-and-build service. From project start to finish, our structured process gives Refresh franchisees a framework for working with customers to ensure they deliver a renovation which is on time, on budget and meets the customer’s desired outcome.

Refresh saves customers time and money

A renovation is a large and complicated project that requires expert planning and management. Research shows that typical renovation projects waste 30% of the money being invested due to disorganisation, lack of planning and poor communication. Refresh has proven processes and powerful IT systems that eliminate wasted time, which in turn saves customers money.

Design-and-build process

Our design-and-build process simply means that the design-and-build stages of the project are managed together. Budget expectations are considered during the design phase and project briefings are carried through to the construction phase. Managing these stages together means Refresh can make efficiency gains and pass those cost savings on to our customers.

Built-in project management

Renovations are complex projects that need constant management and readjustments. The comprehensive Refresh project management system allows project managers to control timelines and budgets, providing customers with a smooth renovation experience.

Specialists in renovations

The skills required for a successful renovation are different from the skills held by commercial contractors or new home builders. Refresh has completed thousands of renovations and franchise owners benefit from the skills, processes and systems we’ve developed.

Dedicated construction teams and sub-trades

Each Refresh franchise has a construction team and an established team of subcontractors. When a project adjustment means one tradesperson can’t make it, we have other suitable tradespeople to fill the gap. This means we can avoid delays and minimise the impact of inevitable snags.

Our scale means Refresh customers get the best prices

Budgets, costings and designs are developed and refined as the project progresses, so there are no surprises during the construction phase – our customers receive exactly what they were expecting. Our size gives us ‘economies of scale’ which means we are more cost effective than small, one-man band builders.

The Refresh Customer Journey

1. Initial consultation

The first step of each renovation is to understand exactly what a client wants to achieve and why they are considering a renovation. Refresh has a thorough and professional briefing process that all customers are taken through.

2. Concept and feasibility

The next step is to translate the client’s requirements into an architectural concept. Crucially, at this stage clients are provided with cost indications so they can make informed decisions. If it’s not what was originally imagined or looks like it will cost more than a client wants to spend, this is the time to make changes. It’s far more cost effective to get the concept right than to make changes during the construction phase. 

3. Working drawings and costing

Working drawings are then developed based on the concept plans. This is a very collaborative stage. Refresh brings together a team of experts to cost up the exact work that is to be undertaken and clients are provided with a firm price.

4. Build stage

The Refresh construction manager builder will brief the tradespeople required for the project, as well as schedule and manage their activity. It’s vitally important that each trade has completes their work to the right standard. The Refresh construction team use state of the art project management IT systems to keep the project on track. Refresh will ensure there are no quality issues or disputes at the end of each project.

5. Project completion

The final stage is for Refresh to ensure that all relevant documentation is completed.

In addition, Refresh provides all customers with a 10-year workmanship warranty to ensure they have total peace of mind to go with their new renovation.