How much can I earn?

After your initial six-month establishment period you should aim for a minimum revenue of £400,000 in year 1, £650,000 in year 2, and upwards of £850,000 in year 3. By year 4, revenue should be well in excess of £1m.

What Kinds of Margins are Achievable?

Across the group the average margin is over 30%. This is far higher than a traditional builder would be able to achieve.

Refresh is able to achieve high margins because we don’t tender for work, from existing plans, against other builders offering the same service.

The Refresh design and build process means we are securing the sale before other builders are even in the picture. The process also reduces overall cost to the homeowner, and means a franchisee can earn a healthy margin and still provide a more cost-effective service than a typical builder.

The whole-career earning potential for a Refresh franchisee compares extremely favourably to salaried employment. The typical salary ceiling is removed, and the likelihood of reaching a high % income bracket is increased considerably.