How do you help me find customers?

The Refresh Renovations business model is designed to provide you with a consistent, manageable workload.

Local marketing support

Refresh provides very comprehensive award-winning local marketing support to each franchise in the following areas:

  • Digital marketing – Paid and online, social media and web activity
  • Customer relationship marketing – Managing leads and customer relationships to generate referrals and repeat business
  • General marketing communications – Marketing activity to promote your business in your area
  • Trade relationship marketing – Managing trade and supplier relationships to generate leads and establish a strong presence in your local market

You can continually secure the next project(s) while your builders are completing the current renovations. As you take on more work you can grow your construction team accordingly.

Effective lead-conversion tools

Using the Refresh Renovations sales process you will eliminate ‘time wasting’ enquiries and deal only in genuine, pre-qualified leads. From the initial client meeting you progress straight to the revenue-earning concepting stage. Most Refresh customers who complete concept plans will then proceed with a full renovation.