Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about owning a Refresh Renovation franchise.

How would you describe the mix of jobs franchisees complete, from the smaller bathroom renovations to larger extension jobs?

It’s important for franchisees to have a mix of large (e.g. extensions) and small (e.g. bathrooms) projects at all times. This helps to smooth revenue flow, so that in between larger projects you have a base of work to continue with and keep your team busy.

Why do construction managers choose to work for Refresh?

There are many reasons that construction managers choose to work for Refresh.

Three of the most commonly cited are:

Steady income
Our construction managers earn a competitive salary, which eliminates the typical worry of where the next job is coming from and avoids the common “feast-or-famine” cycle of work that builders experience when self-employed.

Opportunity to focus on what they enjoy
The Refresh model enables construction managers to focus on construction activities, with other aspects of business administration such as sales, marketing and chasing money, handled by other members of the Refresh team.

Be part of a world-first brand
Refresh Renovations is on the path to becoming the leading brand for domestic renovations in the UK. It is a genuinely unique brand that’s introducing new standards of customer service and professionalism to the domestic building industry.

Do the Refresh systems and processes improve over time?

There is a continual improvement process so that our IT systems and processes are upgraded, changed and adapted to the growth of the overall franchise. Development is constant, as the Refresh team seeks feedback from the franchisees on what works and what needs improvement.

How much time do you need to put into the business in the first six months?

Generating and following up leads in the first six months can mean busy weeks to start with. Once you’re up and running and growth is achieved you can start to look at hiring other staff to help with administration and sales. The construction manager role is one that you should look to bring into your business early in the establishment phase.

How do you determine prices for each individual renovation project?

Prices are developed as the customer moves through the Refresh process and the renovation becomes more refined. Your construction manager is responsible for project costing in conjunction with a quantity surveyor. The renovation consultant, in conjunction with the franchise manager, is responsible for setting the sell price.

Can I have more than one territory?

When your allotted territory is working well and you are able to take on a new territory we are able to open discussion about a second.

Will I have to work full-time?

To get the best results … driving sales and managing the business is a full time commitment, therefore we will only really want to discuss partnering with people to run one of our businesses who are prepared to make a ‘full time’ commitment, either themselves or by appointing someone to run the business for them.

Will I be able to sell my business in the future?

Yes, any purchaser would need to be approved by Refresh Renovations.

Am I able to have a business partner?

Yes, we warmly welcome joint applications.