About Us

There is literally no other business in the world like Refresh Renovations. We’re the first international design-and-build franchise network to specialise in the home renovation market, which makes our offering completely unique in the marketplace.

Since we launched in New Zealand in 2010 we’ve been on a journey to become the leading residential renovation business in the world. Our mission is to radically improve the experience, quality and affordability of home renovations for homeowners everywhere.

Lightbulb Moment

The critical insight that gave rise to Refresh Renovations came from research that revealed some startling facts about the global homebuilding market. We found that in all our key markets (New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States) the building industry was broadly divided along the same lines. Approximately one third of the industry, by revenue, is commercial building, another third is new home building and the final third is the renovations market.

And yet, we discovered, there was no consolidated business offering a nationwide home renovation service in any country.

The benefits of scale that had long applied to the new-build and commercial sectors – group buying power, quality management, and centralised resources for the benefit of both business owners and customers – simply didn’t apply to the renovation sector.

Refresh Renovations was the first to deliver these benefits on a national scale, offering homeowners a consistent customer experience using proven systems and processes and taking the guesswork out of choosing a builder.

Grand Designs

Anyone who’s ever undertaken one – or knows someone who has – knows that renovations are exciting, but also extremely stressful. Between finalising plans, managing tradespeople and finding funds, renovating a home is typically one of the most hectic scenarios in the average homeowner’s life.

The Refresh Solution

The Refresh process makes home renovations less stressful. Our business model is the perfect combination of commercial building practices, processes, technology and systems – all with a residential focus. It allows skilled builders and tradespeople to focus on their key strengths and saves homeowners time and money.

Simplicity and Reliability

Refresh renovation consultants ensure that homeowners don’t have to navigate the fragmented and confusing renovation industry. Consultants work with clients to discuss their ideas, budget and priorities – then, with their team, they make it happen. The homeowner doesn’t have to lift a finger.

Refresh provides a single point of contact to take homeowners through the entire renovation, while the Refresh process ensures cost-effective renovations – from design to completion.

Global Growth

Today, Refresh is the leading global residential renovation business. We currently have over 50 franchisees operating across New Zealand and Australia and we are expanding rapidly in the UK and USA. Refresh is the first national design-and-build renovation franchise in UK, so this is a rare opportunity to be part of bringing a proven business model to an untapped market.